Friday, January 23, 2015

DPS sponsors St Patty's 5K Run for Special Olympics

The Sikeston Department of Public Safety (DPS) is a big supporter of Special Olympics. DPS employees are currently organizing the 2nd Annual St Patty's 5K Run for Special Olympics to be held on 03/14/2015. DPS is seeking sponsors, volunteers, and runners for the event. The deadline for preregistration for runners is 02/28/2015. See for more information! 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Too cold to work?

No way! But what does a street or park maintenance worker do when it's in the single digits outside? There's usually not much grass to mow, and patching potholes doesn't work as well in extreme cold, so usually they come inside and catch up on some projects in the shop. They are probably happy not to be plowing snow in the middle of the night! Here's a great story about City of Sikeston crews coming in from the cold to complete maintenance projects they will be too busy for once spring arrives.

Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Citizens nationwide are celebrating Law Enforcement Appreciation Day today, January 9, 2015. In Sikeston, several local businesses as well as the hospital are sponsoring appreciation events for local law enforcement officers. At City Hall, we wore blue to show appreciation for our law enforcement officers, including the Sikeston Department of Public Safety. Sikeston DPS employs around 80 police, fire, and dispatch professionals who work odd hours, sacrifice holidays with families, deal with unpleasant situations, and face life threatening danger to protect and serve our community. We are proud of the work they do, and grateful for their dedication, professionalism, bravery, and compassion.   
Sikeston City Hall employees wear blue in appreciation of our law enforcement officers.