Thursday, April 9, 2015

Economic Strengths of the Missouri Bootheel

I serve as a board member at the Missouri Innovation Corporation (MIC) at Southeast Missouri State University. MIC supports business and community development in the region through research, financial assistance, and other efforts to deliver University programs to the business community. MIC recently completed a Regional Entrepreneurship Assessment and Strategy for the Bootheel region of Southeast Missouri. One portion of the assessment identifies the economic strengths of the region, including Sikeston, which I thought I should share with my readers. The image below illustrates some of the employment growth factors in the region, including the concept of "clusters" of certain business sectors. This is something we have observed in Sikeston, particularly in the distribution center cluster. Our Sikeston Business, Education and Technology Park is home to several large distribution centers that take advantage of our strategic location at the crossroads of I-55, I-57, and Highway 60.