Monday, December 14, 2015

Sikeston Proud Awards - Oct/Nov 2015

The “Sikeston Proud Awards” are the city’s program for employee recognition. Any city employee can be nominated by any other employee – supervisor, coworker, or subordinate. Each month the city’s department heads, HR director and city manager meet to review the nominations and select several employees to recognize. For October/November 2015, the winners of the Sikeston Proud Awards are the following:

Chuck Bolen, Skilled Worker (Public Works Department)
Chuck has been with the City of Sikeston for 8 years. He was nominated by a coworker for his attention to detail and dedication to the job. The nomination notes that Chuck runs the side arm mower and is very particular on how ditches are maintained, and he does his best to keep our city looking good.

Rhonda Council, Administrative Assistant (Governmental Services Department)
Rhonda has been with the City of Sikeston for 15 years. She was nominated by three different coworkers for her initiative, customer service, and assistance to fellow employees. In addition to providing administrative assistance to the city manager, Rhonda maintains the city and CVB websites, she routinely responds to social media inquiries, and she handles tourism related mailings.

Said one coworker, “I would like to nominate Rhonda Council for the assistance that she provides, not only to me, but everyone else.  She helps daily whether it is answering the phone, helping with the copier, software assistance, or the City’s website.  She never complains.  She will do anything to help anyone and she is one of the most professional acting employees we have.”

After a brief absence, another coworker said, “I would like to nominate Rhonda Council; she plays a huge part to the city.  I tried to fill her shoes while she was away and I was amazed at the responsibility she carries, and I think she does a great job.”

Vicky Lewis, City Collector (Administrative Services Department)
Vicky has been with the City of Sikeston for 22 years. As city collector, Vicky oversees collection of municipal taxes, licensing of merchants, liquor licenses, collection of franchise fees, TIF revenues – essentially any revenue received by the city is processed by her office. Her Sikeston Proud Award nomination reads: “Vicky is someone that if you have a problem she will try to help in any way possible.  She will stop doing her work just to help others and she follows up with that department or person until the work is done or until there’s nothing else that can be done.  I have worked with her for many years and I know she puts herself last in most situations.”

Chris Merideth, Communications Sergeant (Department of Public Safety)
Communications Sergeant Chris Merideth has been with the City of Sikeston for 14 years. She was nominated by her Communications Officers for her hard work, employee relations, and willingness to do the hands-on work of 911 dispatching. Her nomination reads, “We would like to nominate Sergeant Chris Merideth.  She has taken on 7 strong willed individuals and a division of the Department of Public Safety that is sometimes not the easiest! We are so thankful for all she does for us and the division, and for her hard work to keep us the best in the business. She goes all out for us on Communications Week and makes sure we are reminded how much we are needed in this department. Sergeant Merideth has so many responsibilities but she continues to sit with us daily and assist us in our daily tasks. We are so thankful for all that she does and we don’t tell her enough exactly how grateful we are!”

Tyler Rowe, Public Safety Officer (Department of Public Safety)
Public Safety Officer (PSO) Tyler Rowe has been with the City of Sikeston for 3 years. He was nominated by a coworker for his professionalism and the way he goes the extra mile with colleagues and citizens. His nomination reads, “I believe PSO Rowe demonstrates what it means to be ‘Sikeston Proud.’ PSO Rowe always arrives for his shift looking professional and with a great attitude which increases the morale of all the PSOs he works with. PSO Rowe is always willing to come in early or stay late if necessary to ensure that the city receives the level of protection and service that they deserve. PSO Rowe takes time to ensure that every citizen he interacts with has the best possible outcome. When PSO Rowe is not on a call for service he takes time to speak with citizens and to build an atmosphere of trust and understanding between them and our department. Although PSO Rowe is a new addition to the department, he goes out of his way to help any officer in need. I believe that PSO Rowe’s dedication to performing his job to the best of his ability every day exemplifies what it means to be Sikeston Proud.”

Andy Vanover, Sergeant (Public Safety Department)
Sergeant Andy Vanover has been with the City of Sikeston for 14 years. He was nominated by several coworkers for his decisive action to save an elderly man from choking. As reported by another officer on the scene, “We had an 80 plus year old male choking on a large piece of roast beef. The male is on hospice, in a wheelchair and very fragile.  The family was hysterical because he has a stint in his chest. While we were there the subject could not speak to us but we could clearly tell by his expression that his situation was going downhill. I was afraid to perform the Heimlich due to the stint. Sergeant Vanover stepped in and said he had to do something to attempt to save the man. He performed the Heimlich and a large chunk of roast beef came out. The family was so grateful to Sgt. Vanover. They could not stop telling him how much they appreciated him and DPS services. I believe that this could have been a bad deal if Sergeant Vanover hadn't made the decision he did in the time that he did. I just want to let you know the amazing professional courage that Sergeant Vanover displayed.” 

Marie Walton, Account Clerk (Department of Administrative Services)
Marie Walton has been with the City of Sikeston for 18 years and works in the Collector’s Office in the Administrative Services Department. The Collector’s Office deals with tax collection, business licensing and collecting various monies owed the city.  As one of her nominations pointed out, “Citizens are sometimes not happy about calling or visiting her office.” Marie interacts with the public by phone and in person daily.  She treats every person with kindness and respect. A supervisor in her department reported that even when Marie had to warn a delinquent licensee that Public Safety would have to write them a ticket if they didn’t comply with the licensing requirements, “there was warmth and concern in her voice.” The supervisor also said, “So many times we get tired of the same questions and comments from citizens.  I am sure that Marie has heard them all, many times.  Still, Marie is dependable and works diligently at her position.  More importantly, she treats people like they matter, because they do.”

A coworker also nominated Marie for going the extra mile to make sure a bidder on a city project understood the insurance requirements associated with a bid. Marie went out of her way to contact the insurance company and obtain the proof of insurance needed by the contractor. Marie’s coworker said, “The contractor told Marie he really appreciated it and complimented her on how efficient she was. She made the call, told them what she needed and they took care of it. Problem solved. The contractor left our facility very pleased with the outcome of his visit. Sometimes it just takes a moment of our time & going that extra mile to make someone happy. The contractor was able to leave with something good to say about the City instead of complaining of what we don’t do. We should be proud.”

Derick Wheetley, Public Safety Officer (Public Safety Department)
Sergeant Derick Wheetley has been with the City of Sikeston for 10 years. He was nominated by a coworker for his selfless actions in the community, particularly outside of his official duties. As many people in Sikeston know, Sergeant Wheetley is a driving force behind fundraising for the Special Olympics in Missouri. After Sergeant Wheetley put on two recent fundraising events, a coworker said the following about him, “These duties do not belong to him because he is a Sergeant or a DPS employee; he instead takes them out of the goodness of his heart. He has taken the entire load since the resignation of another officer and he has not complained. Sergeant Wheetley continues to make the department and the city proud with his selfless actions.”