Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Public Works and Public Safety Appreciation

Fittingly, this week is both Public Works Week and National Police Week. Since Public Works and Public Safety make up 87% of City of Sikeston employees, we have a lot to celebrate! And it's appropriate to think about both groups of employees together, because so often they are working side by side to serve our community, especially in emergency and disaster situations. Last week in fact, we had street division workers and public safety officers working together to close streets, reroute traffic, and secure the site of a an old building that was damaged by high winds and was threatening to fall into the street and onto adjacent businesses. A few weeks before that Public Works and Public Safety worked together in an unexpected way when officers were pursuing a suspect on foot, and a Public Works employee who happened to be working nearby witnessed the pursuit and led officers to where the suspect had hidden. Please join me in celebrating our Public Works and Public Safety employees!

                                                Photo courtesy of Sikeston Standard Democrat