Monday, April 14, 2014

Your Vote Counts!

Let me start by saying that I am biased toward local government (as opposed to state or federal government). I think as much government should be pushed down to the local level as possible. Why? Because local government services have the biggest day to day impact on constituents. Because you can get involved and make a difference at the local level. And because it is the most transparent and accountable level of government. For example, if you don't like how the city government awards a bid, you can actually talk to the decision makers. You can come to city hall and talk to me. You can call the Mayor or a Councilman. You can come to a Council meeting and make your voice heard. Compare that to the federal government. If you don't like how a contract was awarded by a federal government agency, how hard do you think it will be to talk to anyone who actually has any sway over the decision?  

Tonight was the City Council reorganization meeting, where the newly elected City Councilmen were sworn in and seated on the Council, and the Council nominated members to serve as liaisons to various city advisory boards and committees. Congratulations to Bob Depro who was re-elected to an at-large Council seat, and to John Graham who was elected as Ward 2 Representative. Did you know that one of those elections was decided by just ten votes? At the local government level, your vote really does count, and can really make an impact on the direction of your city. That's one of the things I love about local government.